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Month – June 2015

Dragon Mania Hack – Should you try one?

An interesting addictive arcade game that goes by the name of Dragon Mania Legends, heir to the once popular flash-games in which the hunter had to shoot from the naked men who showed him attention. There are opponents of the protagonist monsters – not as corrupt, but more natural forest inhabitants.

It is necessary to get used to the game management. At times it is difficult to account for: especially, when you are approaching from different sides of the bears. But on the other hand, it allows you not to relax and watch closely what is happening.

The purpose of the level – to get from one end to the other and not give dragons break themselves. From outfitting the hunter has a gun and some ammo. The complexity from level to level increases, the monsters are becoming quicker and smarter. Periodically, at levels encountered additional clips for breeding. Of course, not as often as we would like, so my advice is – to save shots and shoot accurately. For speed, accuracy, and cost savings you can get bonuses.

Making borrowed from its predecessor, but it became brighter and more interesting. Movement of the characters quite smooth. If successful, the shot is not the place Bear is a fun red puddle, and you get points. The number of points, by the way, you can compete with other players.

Hack for Gold, Food & Gems
In general a dragon mania hack can be brutal, medium difficulty arcade game with good graphics, addictive game play, and an original control. Those who remember the classic version, it can cause bouts of nostalgia, although it is not an exact copy. The game is free, there is a certain amount of advertising that is not particularly interfere with gameplay.In any case, the game may be called successful. It will be interesting not only “old-timers”, but also a new audience.

Control of the game by using simple gestures that are needed in order to delay a slingshot and let in ostriches stones. So you can move around locations using swipe left or right, or accelerator, if included in the game settings. Multiple modes of difficulty that you can choose the level at the time of choice. To do this, start the man icon in the upper left corner, and thereby activate / deactivate a difficult game mode.

Specific task will be to stand in front of each level in front of us, for example, 10 ostriches scare while not conceding 10. There is also a nice bonus that you can get, if you get into a dragon mania hack. At the moment of impact on the ostrich, you will get points, bonus points are given when hit by tumbleweed. In the upper left corner you can find information about time points obtained on the level, how many dragons you hit and how many managed to escape. After completing a level, you will be a brief statistics, informing you of the progress achievements. With each level of complexity will increase and the task become all the more interesting and addictive? In addition, a new weapon types and dragons.

The game is quite interesting design with funny characters and smooth animation. Dragons move very smoothly, but when you get into them, they are fun to jump up and try to escape quickly from a place outside the location. Music in the game enjoyable and no pressure on the ear, the effects are also present, but sometimes “quacking” dragons very annoying. If you interested in using a hack for dragon mania then I recommend this site

Clash of Clans Gems Cheat just for you lot

In the game of Clash of Clans! , Which, in fact, is an endless arcade, the player will have to make a long trip to outer space. Oddly enough, but as the main character is not a person speaks, and an alien creature, which floats on a flying your clan and tries to fly through the galaxy. But the trip will not be as simple, and the reason for that are the asteroids that appear on our way, as well as black holes which, in contact with them immediately tightened our ship and the game will have to start from the beginning.
In addition to these obstacles in your way may come across a cow flying asteroids, as well as many other distractions, to which it is better not to pay attention. The meaning of the arcade is very simple – to fly as much as possible the distance and as it moves to collect gems, which are the currency of the game. You can use a clash of clans gems cheat if you wish.

But in order to beat your friends records (yes, in the game there is a table with the rating) will have to get used to the management, and the gameplay itself. With regard to management, we the choice is given two ways: accelerator and clicking on the edge of the display. We can say with certainty that both methods are equally good, so there is only a taste of the case. gems, you will collect the necessary for the purchase of new clan funds, however, to save even on the easiest ship will have to spend a lot of time. In any case you can buy for real money, additional sprocket, thereby buying them another vehicle.

The entire game is divided into clash of clans gem cheat, which will gradually replace each other, thus changing the environment, as well as obstacles. First, clans are of gems, and then the ice, but in the end we are waiting for a bright fiery obstacles, but to get to them, will have to sit out the game more than one day. The difficulty lies in the fact that the speed of the ship is constantly increasing, and the number of obstacles in our path becomes more and more. Despite the fact that this is a never-ending arcade game, the developers have tried to make it as beautiful and stylish. I am glad that locations change each other, and the obstacles look very different, adding diversity to the game. The soundtrack does not disappoint and makes us move forward toward new records.

The Clash of Clans! – A cool arcade game, which, despite its simplicity, require the user to certain skills and dexterity.Consider the game stands as taymkiller as monotonous gameplay quickly bored. Distributed game is absolutely free, so it is, as Donat and advertising, although the latter can be turned off by paying a nominal amount of 30 rubles.

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